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Who are we?

Apeiron Academy is dedicated to communication.


Our program gives opportunities for development and growth of professional communicators. If you have interest in the field of PR, HR, internal communications, marketing, Apeiron Academy welcomes you!

The program of the Academy includes:


Why study with Us?

There are many good reasons to study at Apeiron Academy. Three of them:

  • Our approach

We do not restrict ourselves with the task to teach you how to do things, but strive to give you an understanding about theory and concepts that will guide you in creating strategies and implementing campaigns. We value the experience you have accumulated in practice, but to get the most out of it you need a solid foundation of knowledge about communication theory, organizational culture and stakeholder behavior. Our trainings provide you all of that.

  • Tutors

We respect specialists in both areas - academics and practitioners. In Apeiron Academy we invite professionals who successfully combine those two - a solid academic background and rich work experience.

  • The Atmosphere

We believe that the learning process should be fun.

Perhaps each of you has some ‘good’ memories of the boring lectures from university or school. We create a new experience in your career. The good company of colleagues with different professional card from different organizations contributes to a pleasant learning environment.

The results of our courses are appreciated. See what our students say about us.

We are committed to promoting and strengthening the positions of communication specialist’s professions in Bulgaria.


British PR education in Bulgaria? YES, of course!

From 2006 Apeiron Academy is an Accredited qualification centre of the British Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR, UK) and teaches in Bulgaria the most prestigious training programs of the Institute in the field of public relations and communications.

Internal communicatator in Bulgaria? YES, of course!

  • Apeiron works to promote the profession of internal communicator in Bulgaria since the very beginning. We are organizers of the annual International Conference "Successful Communications Start from Within". And various master classes on topics in the field of internal communications.
  • Grapevine Awards: Apeiron Academy created and executed the concept for the first European Awards competition, which distinguish creativity and high professionalism in internal communications - Grapevine Awards - with the support of the professional network of internal communicators in Bulgaria - Internal Communicator Club.
We are committed to the professional
development of communication specialists.


The Academy continuously broadens the opportunities for professionals in the field of communications with new programs that answer the market demands.

Apeiron Academy team has an individual approach for counseling and mentoring throughout the whole process of development of professionals in the communications field.

A guiding principle of our work is to provide you with practical training, developed on a solid foundation of good theory.

We believe that when you learn more,
you communicate better.



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  • Liam FitzPatrick
    Liam FitzPatrick

    Liam FitzPatrick is a consultant with more than 20 years' experience specialising in Change and Internal Communications. His practice is concern...

  • Rossen Potzkov
    Rossen Potzkov

    Rossen Potzkov has a degree in "Event Management" at George Washington University where he also is rewarded a Master Degree in ...

  • Adrian Crookes
    Adrian Crookes

    Adrian has over 25 years’ experience in journalism, broadcasting, PR and training.


    After graduating from Lancaster ...

  • Биляна Дражева
    Биляна Дражева

    Биляна Дражева е мениджър „Вътрешните комуникации“ в Мтел. Присъединява се към дирекция „Корпоративни комуникации“ през ...

  • Hamish Haynes
    Hamish Haynes


    Hamish Haynes has over 25 years experience in the IT, manufacturing and TV media industries and is a specialist ...

  • Tim Morris
    Tim Morris



    Tim has more than 20 years of experience in the field of public relations. He has an honours degree in politics fr...

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  • When I decided to finish the Diploma in PR program I knew that I challenge myself. I was at the beginning of my development as PR specialist and really believed that this qualif...
    - Galena Ivanova, Manager PR projects, Apeiron Communication
  • The CIPR Diploma in PR Qualification program is one of the best opportunities to build on my professional skills that I have received in the past few years. As a practitioner in...
    - Maria Popova, PR Manager, Active Group Ltd
  • The organization of Apeiron Academy trainings is perfect down to the smallest detail: small groups, direct contact with the tutor, useful content, opportunities for informal tal...
    - Mariela Kamburova, 'Prikazen Den' Agency
  • As the profession of internal communicator was still "young" in Bulgaria, for me it was a valuable experience to meet people from different companies and markets in my Internal ...
    - Desislava Mihova, Internal Communication Officer
  • CIPR Diploma - challenging, inspiring and rewarding. With a strong theoretical basis and strong strategic focus, the Diploma is suitable for professionals who are already experi...
    - Aneta Stefanova, Media Affairs, US Embassy
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Apeiron Academy

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