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Internal (in-house) training is the best solution to enhance the competencies of a team / group of employees of an organization.

Apeiron Academy offers you trainings that answer to the needs of your organization! Therefore the ending product you will get is almost never identical to the previous case. We prepare individual internal (in-house) training programs based on practices and goals of each company and the profile and skills of potential participants.

The topics of possible internal (in-house) training go beyond the topics covered by our program of open trainings. Contact us even if you do not know how to formulate the topic of your training. We will be glad to help you from this point until the very end - the realization of your training. 


Why choose in-house (corporate) training?

  • Individual program – choose those topics that best fit the needs of your business and employees. Add professional studies and examples from your own company or business sector in which you operate.
  • It’s the most effective way to train your staff – choose time and place of training, thus ensuring minimal breach of the workflow for your organization and unplanned absences from the office.
  • It’s suitable for both small or large groups – claim your preferences for the size of different groups and total number of participants and we will answer your needs when preparing the training program.
  • Reduce costs – internal trainings offer the best value for money, if you plan to enroll three or more employees to an open training.
  • Get it when you want it – the date and time is set by you without considering other schedule.
  • Confidentiality – participants are free to discuss their company's strategy, asking various questions and seeking answers to real problems related to their work without taking into consideration possible competitors participating in the training group.
  • Satisfaction - effective training will improve employee productivity, making your business more competitive.


For more information or any questions please contact Apeiron Academy team.

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