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Tracy Playle

Tracy started out her career in PR at the University of Warwick where she worked on press relations, web development, event management and internal communications projects.She is one of the lecturers in the Digital Communication Certificate.


She spent two years as the Head of Research-TV, an international broadcast PR service, before the growth in digital and social media led to her setting up her own consultancy and becoming a specialist in this field. Tracy runs many workshops to help marketing and communications professionals understand how to use social media strategically, develops social media strategies for organisations, and is often drafted in by communications teams to help them with the internal ‘sell’ to senior managers for why social media needs time, attention and resource.


Tracy is a former Chair of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) Education & Skills Sector Group, a former CIPR Council member, a founder and former Chair of the CIPR’s Future Leaders Forum. She is an avid blogger on issues relating to social media and strategic communications.


Twitter: @picklejar


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