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How to achieve high employee engagement? Proved professionals share their advices



In the kitchen of internal communications this year will welcome us proved professionals and a real Chef. See what two of the lecturers in the sixth international conference “Successful communications starts from within” shared with us.

The conference will be held on May 28th, 2015, and its menu you will find proved recipes, advices and experience from the kitchen of internal communications.


Our guest speakers will be:

Emma Bridger, People Lab, UK

Liam FitzPatrik, Agenda Startegy, UK,

Chef Henri Donneaux

Nelly Benova, Apeiron Communication

Daniela Boyanova, Corporate and Marketing Communications Head in CIBANK

Biliana Drajeva, Internal Communications Manager, Mtel

Stefan Apostolov, Vice Chairman of the Management Board and Executive Director CEZ Distribution Bulgaria


Here is what Emma Bridger and Liam FitzPatrik shared with us a week before the event.


Emma Bridger



Liam FitzPatrik


Every internal communications specialist should…


Е: … read Liam's book! They should also appreciate that within IC you can become a victim of your own success, the better job you do the more people want from you. Understand that there are only so many hours in the day and learn to prioritize the work that'll add the most value... I've seen so many IC pros try to do it all and burn out so be kind to yourself.


L: … take themselves seriously.  We make a real difference to the organizations we serve and should be proud of what we can do.



Internal communications is…


Е: … really all about behavior change, it's the ultimate outcome we're after.



L: … not rocket science!  I say there are a few simple rules the first of which is that it’s a bout results, not activity.  


The easiest way to high employee engagement is…


Е: … to understand that there is no single, magic bullet. You need to find out what engage your employees and do more of that. A one size fits all approach doesn't work.


L: … by seeing your employees as more than an asset or a resource.  We’re people who want to be listened to, cared about and treated with respect.  If you build things on that basis, the rest should follow!


Every manager, regardless of his/her position…


Е: … can always improve their listening skills no matter how good a listener they believe they are.



L: … is the front line in communications!  No amount of fancy videos, websites or newsletters can beat the value for having well briefed leaders who are willing to talk with their teams. Essentially we look to our boss to explain how big messages impact on us personally; if they shrug their shoulders and walk away, it sends a message that is a thousand times more powerful than any other communication!


Every organizational change should…


Е: … be flexible, no amount of planning can prepare you for the inevitable curve ball organizational change will throw at you! 


L: … begin with employee research.  A communicator has to be able to say what people know, understand, fear and love before they can provide advice about the communications strategy that is needed.


An employee is the…


Е: most important part of an organization. 


L: … person who decides if communications are working or not!  Too often management teams declare victory with communications because they have sent out an email or put up a poster; when in fact communications has only happened when some changes the way they think and behave!


For me digital communication in internal communication…




For me understanding of our audiences is… 

Е: … has a huge opportunity to engage audience by fostering collaboration, facilitating autonomy, developing mastering and connecting people. We're only just beginning to understand and appreciate this brave new world...


L: … the core skill of a communicator.  Everything else is secondary…



Your challenge to conference’s participants is to…


Е: … make time to evaluate and measure your impact... It's the best way to demonstrate the value you add and worth all the effort!



L: … share their expertise!  We all tackle different problems and have different experiences which mean that no one comes into the room without something to share.  I love coming to Bulgaria because I always learn new things from the people I’m talking with!



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