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We love to share knowledge!

It is the leading motto of our continuous initiative "Apeiron goes to...". The main idea of this project is deliver public lectures on the topics of public relations, internal communications, corporate social responsibility, presentation skills... in short, everything related to communications!

We have made presentations to diverse audiences in Bulgaria and abroad for different audience - from students, to junior professionals and top managers.


Here is a short list of our public lectures:

  • NBU Summer School – “Internal communicator - a strategic adviser or postman?"
  • HR Meeting Bulgaria - "Internal Communication"
  • CSR Conference, Pari daily annual conference - "Corporate social responsibility in the eyes of internal communications"
  • NBU’s Journalist and PR Club - "What do successful PR practitioner?
  • Faculty of Philosophy, Sofia University - "Successful corporate communication starts from within. Internal communicator - a look at the profession of the future"
  • CSR: The Business in Action, AISEC forum - "CSR in several perspectives ..."
  • Eastern European Gaming Summit - "The reputation of the Gaming Industry: Betting on the future."



Invite Us!

The combination of wise words, guaranteed inspiration and new ideas that challenge audience, our lectures can be a perfect addition to your conference, seminar, program of open lectures or corporate meeting.

Apeiron team has experienced presenters who can offer you an interesting perspective on a diverse range of subjects.

If you want to meet us, just invite us to be your guest!



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