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In Apeiron we love internal communications! Therefore in the end of March 2008 in Sofia on the initiative of Apeiron Academy and with the support of leading Bulgarian and foreign companies from different sectors of the economy, we created the first informal professional network of specialists working in the field of internal communications in Bulgaria. We called this network ‘Internal communicator club’.
Apeiron Academy Internal Communicator Club is an open network for practitioners in the field of public relations, human resources, organizational development. We are united by a common professional interest - internal communications.

The club is active and is searching for new members. See below for more information.


Q & A

How does Apeiron Academy Internal Communicator Club operate?

We conduct meetings on a monthly basis. We share experiences, discuss different topics and issues encountered in the practice of internal communicators.

When the meetings take place?

Every second Wednesday of the calendar month. We invite club members and potential groups and guests in advance. If you want to be part of our mailing list - just email us.

What are the rules?

The meetings have the following format:

  • the topic of the meetings is decided and announced in advance
  • we have a moderator – a practitioner with experience in the chosen topic, which often makes a brief introduction to guide the discussion
  • place of the meetings is Apeiron Hall or other company, member of the Club
  • the duration of one meeting is about an hour and a half.

How can I join the club?

Send us an email to with your full name, your position and the organization that you work for. Thus you automatically subscribe to our mailing list and you start receiving invitations or other information for the next meeting of the Club.

What are the benefits to be part of the Internal Communicator Club?

You get the opportunity to discuss, share and get ideas on topics that are close to your professional environment; information about internal communications and current issues of the profession in Bulgaria; know-how from practicioners with extensive experience; new business contacts.

Looking forward to meet you!

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